NASHA is a brand of our Incorporated Parent Company Experiential Sports Group (non-profit). NASHA is a membership-based business for Sports Teams and Organizations, focusing on insurance for your Hockey Business or Team.

The Mission of NASHA is to assist Organizations and Teams in reducing costs in the Sport. We are very aware that Hockey numbers are declining in participation and much of the reason is costs.

One of the benefits of being a NASHA Client is that we promote our clients to the many sports families that visit our website for FREE. Click on the links across from the Click There Finger.

The NASHA Membership comes with many benefits. (see our Membership Page and our Posts sorted by Categories List)

  • SPORTS INSURANCE We offer a comprehensive insurance policy as part of its membership to off-season teams, year-round instruction schools, camps, tournaments, and leagues etc. It will be available to all teams or hockey businesses who register with NASHA and pay the membership fee.
  • ADVERTISING – Our clients will be promoted on our website, blog and Facebook pages for Hockey Families, and Teams to see. NASHA will become the go-to source for information on the many Sports Teams, year-round instruction schools, camps, tournaments, and leagues etc. See our Posts in our Categories List on the right-hand side of the page.
  • MARKETING – NASHA will offer FREE Marketing services to our members through our Marketing Company (see our Membership Page)
  • INFORMATION – on products or services we think would benefit organizations and players
  • TRAVEL SAVINGS – NASHA knows how much travel can take place annually for our teams and thus we have partnered with 4 different travel companies that will allow our clients to travel at discounts. Click on the category link on the Home Page to see what is available.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS – We know that obtaining an NCAA scholarship is the dream of many athletes and families. Owner Mark Hetherman operated a Family Advisor business Sports Scholarships and Beyond. We are now moving that business to ESG/NASHA and we will offer a 1-hour consultation call at no charge to parents to discuss the current situation of their player and how to handle the future.