We have been focused on the NASHA (North American Spring Hockey Alliance) brand, for many years. However, our Incorporated Parent Company Experiential Sports Group (ESG Sports Group – non-profit) is more inclusive of the expansion and multi-sport plans that we are pursuing.

One of the benefits of being an ESG/NASHA Client is that we promote you to the many hockey families that visit our website for FREE.

Sports insurance, is just a part of the benefits you receive with your ESG/NASHA Membership, however, it is still our most important benefit.

ESG/NASHA is a membership-based business for Sports Teams and Organizations.  The ESG/NASHA Membership and Sanctioning comes with many benefits. (see our Membership Page and our Posts sorted by Categories List)

  • SPORTS INSURANCE We offer a comprehensive insurance policy as part of its membership to off-season teams, year-round instruction schools, camps, tournaments, and leagues etc. It will be available to all teams or sports businesses who register with ESG/NASHA and pay the membership fee.
  • ADVERTISING – Our clients will be promoted on our website, blog and Facebook pages for Hockey Families, and Teams to see. ESG/NASHA will become the go-to source for information on the many Sports Teams, year-round instruction schools, camps, tournaments, and leagues etc. See our Posts in our Categories List on the right-hand side of the page.
  • MARKETING – ESG/NASHA will offer FREE Marketing services to our members through our Marketing Company (see our Membership Page)
  • INFORMATION – on products or services we think would benefit organizations and players
  • TRAVEL SAVINGS – ESG/NASHA knows how much travel can take place annually for our teams and thus we have partnered with 4 different travel companies that will allow our clients to travel at discounts. Click on the category link on the Home Page to see what is available.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS – We know that obtaining an NCAA scholarship is the dream of many athletes and families. Owner Mark Hetherman operated a Family Advisor business Sports Scholarships and Beyond. We are now moving that business to ESG/NASHA and we will offer a 1-hour consultation call at no charge to parents to discuss the current situation of their player and how to handle the future.