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The virus lockdown has made Hockey seem like a distant memory and reopening is so uncertain…why not sit with the kids and make Hockey Memory Book.


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We are always looking for excellent Teams, Hockey Schools, Leagues, and Tournaments to provide insurance. I want to thank you in advance for visiting us and reading this information. We have a three-step process to assisting your Hockey Players.

  1. Protect them with comprehensive insurance, in partnership with our Insurance Broker Player’s Health Cover Canada Inc.
  2. Train your young player with the most extensive library of online Hockey training videos in the world CLICK HERE
  3. Keep them safe from long-term injuries. Every player protected by NASHA will receive FREE access to the Players Health APP for tracking injury and return to play protocols. ​ As players join your programs, you will know everything about their hockey history.  PH Rehab is an injury management platform that helps organizations and teams keep athletes safe. It creates injury reports, manages concussion return-to-play, communicates updates, and reduce the risk of injuries falling through the cracks, from one app.  CLICK HERE

NASHA founded in 2009, I look forward to giving you more information about us when we get a chance to chat. We provide the best insurance premiums through our membership in the sport. Our Insurance Broker is Player’s Health Cover Canada Inc.

Most important in building trust is showing you some of the members across the country. But see our total member base by clicking where the finger points you.  

Inside Edge Hockey – British Columbia

Elite Level Development – British Columbia

SHHL Adult Hockey – Alberta

Jungle Hockey League – Alberta

Foothills Elite – Alberta

Manitoba Mustangs – Manitoba

Manitoba AAA Hawks – Manitoba

Pro Hockey Development – Ontario

Ottawa 67’s Spring Program – Ontario

Tim Turk Hockey – Ontario

Headstart Hockey – Ontario

Milton Menace – Junior Hockey – Ontario

Eastern Elite Hockey – Ontario

Weekend Hockey Tournaments – Ontario & USA

Three on 3 Georgetown Hockey – Ontario

Overtime Hockey – Ontario

College Hockey Inc. – Multiple Provinces

We would love to hear from you and talk about how we can assist you with your business.


Toronto, November 10, 2019 – NASHA Sports, a 10-year-old company that has worked to provide safety to hockey players through its Sanctioning of Members of a great many Spring Hockey Teams, Hockey Schools, Independent Tournaments and Leagues in Canada, today announced a new partnership to take the health and safety of players to the next level. NASHA Sports is a leader in the off-season and Independent Hockey.

“NASHA is excited to be working on this initiative with Players Health.  In a sport where risks are high for injury, we believe we can lead the way in providing the Players Health program to our Membership. Health and Safety have always been a top concern for NASHA members. This is another tool to support NASHA Members across the country” said Mark Hetherman – Executive Director at the NASHA Sports Brand.

Hetherman continued to say “when we moved into the off-season Hockey business years ago as an operator of a large Spring/Summer Hockey Organization we were very concerned about player protection, we recognized that players were mostly unprotected outside of Winter Hockey.  Now we want to be a leader in this space. As a proud partner of Player’s Health, this association allows us to be innovative by creating a user-friendly online risk management tool and establishing new standards of health and safety in hockey”.

Player’s Health Circle of Care Risk Management Suite is an interactive, digital risk management platform to quickly assess and provide guidance on the best care for the health and well-being of youth athletes. The Player’s Health Circle of Care includes injury protocols; rehab assignments; and private, anonymous abuse and misconduct reporting. The platform also has a PIPEDA compliant interface simplifying the flow of youth athlete health information between the coach, parent, and healthcare provider.

“We are extremely excited to partner with NASHA Sports who embody our vision for making sports safer for young athletes. As a former player for the Calgary Stampeders, Canadian Football League gave me the opportunity to live out my dream and understand the tools needed to make the sport safer,” said Tyrre Burks, Founder, and CEO of Player’s Health. “Together, we are committed to providing all sanctioned members of NASHA Sports regardless of size, status and geography with risk services through challenging issues.”

Hetherman stated that many details will follow in the next few weeks as we drive towards spring 2020.

About Player’s Health
Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Player’s Health is a sports services organization that provides risk management and reporting tools to sports organizations to comply with the changing athletic environment and responsibilities. Player’s Health works towards creating the safest environment for athletes and views the health and safety of athletes as a priority in today’s sports landscape. This requires creating and maintaining products that provide a circle of care for safety, trust, accountability, and accessibility for athletes. In doing so, Player’s Health is a company where the mission drives the business and creates an environment where fun and peace of mind lives in sports. For more information on Player’s Health, visit www.playershealth.com.

NASHA is a brand of our Incorporated Parent Company Experiential Sports Group (non-profit). NASHA is a membership-based business for Hockey Teams and Businesses.