The Jungle Hockey League (JHL) was created to deliver a fun, positive, empowering spring hockey experience while maintaining competitive balance. As a non-profit Spring League, we are able to provide unparalleled value, while encouraging healthy athletic development and lifestyles for our budding athletes. We are a community-based League and provide an inclusive, sport-oriented environment that encourages the improvement of hockey skills and knowledge while nurturing our athletes’ confidence and love of the game.

When young athletes find themselves in a competitive environment, motivation improves, focus increases, and their confidence grows. Our in-house league allows for balanced teams so that players can maximize their development – more puck touches, more opportunities to practice skills, plays and positioning, all while nurturing their passion for the game.


Welcome to the Jungle, where predator and prey face-off in the ultimate battle for survival!

This Spring, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 born players will experience a fun and fierce league where the competitive balance between teams is regulated.

JHL athletes are not born; they are developed. Hone your instincts and become the KING OF THE JUNGLE!

The Jungle Hockey League aims to deliver a fun, positive, empowering Spring Hockey experience while maintaining competitive balance.


  • Hockey season will begin September 2019 and end March 2020
  • Tournament format will comprise of 4-1.5 hour full ice games
  • A PHL one time team registration fee of $1500.00 + GST will apply. $500.00 will go towards your first showcase weekend.
  • A PHL per player registration Fee of $349.00 + GST will include Insurance, Track Suits, Hoodies, Hats, Game Jersey, Game Socks. (Team and PHL logos will be placed on apparel)
  • A PHL tournament fee of $1500.00 + GST per Tournament will Apply
  • Teams will be required to apply to the league for approval
  • Novice: 2012/2011 born players.  Atom: 2010/2009 born players.
  • Peewee: 2008/2007 born players. (Modified Contact division).
  • Bantam: 2006/2005 born players. (Contact division).
  • Teams wishing to have underage or over-aged players in any division may consult with the league.
  • Each player must register with the league for their apparel and insurance and league fee.
  • Individual players may register with the league and their information will be made available to the nearest team to their location.
  • Rosters should be completed by September 15, 2019
  • Teams must have a highly qualified coach.
  • Teams must provide a minimum of 40 hours of practice ice development over the course of the season
  • Teams will compete in 6 regular-season tournaments. (4-games per weekend per month).
  • Teams will compete in the 7th championship tournament that will consist of semi-finals and finals to crown a season champion.
  • Teams may acquire corporate and or individual sponsorship that will not include any PHL logos.
Further information available at info@phl.academy or call 403-899-7825


SHHL is passionate about getting adults out playing this great sport and having fun while doing it. Our vision has always been about community and connecting hockey players with other hockey players. Whether you are a beginner player or advanced, we have a place for you.

18 months ago a group called Superheroes shinny was born with the long term goal of starting a hockey league. After a few short months of the shinny group being in full swing, the group grew strong and fast. It found itself with incredible members who gathered weekly to play. The word spread quickly that we had started one of the best shinny groups in Calgary. Superheroes purchased its own party tailgate bus for its members to have a warm place to hang out in the cold winter months and then in December hosted its first-ever Boxing weekend tournament with great success. And a few short months after that hosted a May long tournament where it doubled in sized. With its great success, it was time to start a hockey league.

The original 3 leaders knew they couldn’t run a fantastic league without help, so they approached a small handful of others and formed a group of amazing leaders who have a heart for the sport and committed themselves to serve southern Alberta with the best hockey league anyone could ask for…. we introduce to you, SHHL!

Thrive Hockey





“Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours,
weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it. The victorious performance
itself is merely the demonstration of their championship character.”
-T Alan Armstrong.

Thrive was founded in March 2007 with the vision to make available to all skating athletes within Central Alberta the opportunity to become better players, reaching their full potential in sport and citizenship.

Thrive instructors have the technical knowledge, education and practical playing and coaching experiences that guarantee players individual development.

We believe in individuality. Everyone is unique and therefore requires a program that works for them. Our small group & individual training guarantees special individual attention to each player’s needs. Thereby maximizing the development potential of each Thrive athlete.

We are committed to helping thrive athletes achieve success as they gain skills on their climb up the performance ladder. We know the skills they learn on the ice will be translated into their lives outside of the rink. It is our goal to help them become victors in life by building their championship character.

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