Vision of the Mustangs


“To be the premier AAA summer hockey program in the Province of Manitoba, focused on developing the best young hockey players, both socially and physically, at the highest level.”

The Manitoba Mustangs Hockey Organization is focused on the above Vision. To accomplish this, we believe and adhere to the following Guiding Principles;

  • to be financially responsible
  • to be fair and equitable
  • to provide the best coaching and administration available
  • to be a good ambassador for Manitoba Hockey
  • to explore and provide the best avenues for Manitoba Mustangs hockey players to be recognized in Canada and North America
  • to be united in our conviction to the Organization and player development
  • to be good to the community
  • Over the years, the Mustang Organization has made a significant contribution to Manitoba Hockey and the community at large. Here’s how!

Development and Recognition for Manitoba Hockey Players

When parents and players decide which summer program they are going to choose, a significant influence should be the quality and longevity of the program. The Manitoba Mustangs were founded over 60 years ago, under the name the Winnipeg Colts. The initial intent was to provide exceptionally gifted Manitoba hockey players with an avenue to participate in “AAA” Summer Hockey Tournaments throughout North America. These Tournaments attract Hockey Scouts from the WHL, and Canadian and American Universities, which in turn provide opportunities for future recognition and advancement.

The quality of The Mustangs cannot be matched. We have helped produce numerous players who have gone on to play professional hockey. Our current NHL alumni include Nolan Patrick, Darrin Helm, Mike Leclerc, Trevor Kidd, Sven Buetenshon, Marty Murray and Lonnie Bohonas. There are also many former Mustangs currently playing in the Western Hockey League, East Coast League and MJHL, as well as several playing professional hockey in the American Hockey League and in Europe.

Best Coaching and Administration
The Mustangs have always excelled at providing the best coaching available in Manitoba. Our coaching ranks over the years have included Frank Harding, who has coached many champions over his 60-year coaching career, Larry Vincent, and Tom Boni, whose successes are far too many to list. Some others include Manitoba’s own Dan Elliason, Kurt Ketchen, Bruce Southern, Chris McKinnon, Ron Bell, Steve Montgomery, and many others.

Good Corporate Citizen

Our respect for the community starts with the sponsorship of the 12th Annual Manitoba Mustangs Charity Hockey Tournament in support of local charities, held at Gateway and Southdale Recreational Centers from April 7th – April 15, 2018, for hockey players from ages 6 -10. The Tournaments motto is “It’s for the Kids”. Each team is formed from various areas throughout Manitoba to compete in this event, with all the proceeds after expenses from the event turned over to charity. Over the past 19 years, under the leadership of Garth Lancaster, (the Mustangs President), the Tournament has donated over $300,000.00 to local Manitoba Charities and saw over 10,000 families and players have a truly memorable life experience.

The Manitoba Mustangs also host the Rink Hockey Corp Mustang Challenge, May 25-27, 2018 at Gateway, Dakota, Southdale and MTS Iceplex arenas. Our Tournament attracts teams from Western Canada, the US, and Europe, and is open to players from 6 – 14 years of age, as well as girls. Garth Lancaster is the principal Tournament Directors and will be circulating information throughout the hockey world to advertise this event.