We are thrilled to provide you with a quote, and we look forward to working with you. Our membership includes insurance as its main component and our pricing is based on the insurance requirements. The balance of our membership is an add-on for FREE.

INSURANCE as part of our membership (Our Member Services Insurance Partner is Player’s Health Cover Canada Inc and Player’s Health Cover USA Inc.)

Each one of our quotes is custom to your business:

We need the following information which is included in our MEMBERSHIP FORM. You can just email Mark Hetherman at nashasports@gmail.com, and we will send you the form to complete. The information needed to complete the form is below.


Number of Teams

– Non-Contact

– Contact


Weekly Lessons – These would be hourly lessons typically doing skills sessions or private lessons. Tell us how many you do where students come to your arena and how many are where you travel to a team practice.

Camps – We need to know how many weeks of Camps you run in the summer, Christmas, March Break and single day PD Camps. We also need to know how many players attend (estimated) each camp.


We provide insurance for Tournaments in two ways.

  1. Where all teams attending the tournament have their own insurance and we provide Commerical Liability insurance for the Tournament Operator. We need to know dates and how many teams are attending each event. Teams must provide proof of insurance

2. We can also provide insurance (Commerical Liability and Sports Accident) for the Tournament Operator and “all the players in the event”. 

We need to know how many players are in the Tournament. 

The quote and payment will be to the Tournament operator and payment would be made by the Tournament Operator.


Leagues are identified as 3 on 3, 4 on 4, 5 on 5, and these leagues can be in the Spring/Summer or as Independent League in the Fall/Winter. We also cover ADULT Hockey.

We need to know how many players will participate in the league.

Other Insurance:

Contact us if you have other Insurance needs outside of what is mentioned above.