Saskatoon Jr Blues

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Our Vision

The 2009 Jr Blues philosophy is to develop and grow hockey skills, knowledge and enjoyment of the game of hockey.

  • Have the players play for fun, not play out of fear
    • We use a positive coaching strategy that allows the players to learn from their mistakes and feel a sense of accomplishment
    • Kids will not be singled out or punished for their mistakes
    • Encourage kids to try new things on the ice regardless if they are successful
  • Long Term Skill Development
    • Provide an environment for the players to learn skills at a high level of play that they will be able to use short term and long term
    • Equip the player with the skills necessary to have the decision to play competitive hockey at a higher level at an older age
    • Teach the value of hard work, discipline and self control
  • Team and life skills
    • Teach the players what it means to be a good teammate and be proud of being a part of a team
    • Participate in community events to show the players what is means to give back to the community
    • 2018 Food Bank Collection Initiative currently being planned
    • Continue to be a proud participant in the Run for Mandi event