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Insurance is a critical component of all events where accidents or personal neglect can result in expensive medical or legal expenses. In situations where a lawsuit is launched for any reason by a league member – especially in the case of neglect – coaches, committee members and executives are typically named in the suit.

Sports Insurance covers:

Medical Payment – Provides coverage for injuries sustained

Liability Protection – Covers a player who causes an injury to another player.

Liability Coverage – Liability is often required in order to rent ice

Individual players injured while playing their sport

Provides protection for those responsible for booking/signing facility contracts

Provides protection for league executives and volunteers in the case of bodily injury, property damage, or death.

Provides coverage for all teams, players, coaches, managers, trainers, and executives.

Coaches and Players Section

1) Does League insurance cover players and coaches for off-season sports?

Answer: NO – League insurance only covers the season and the insurance coverage period ends when your league ends.

2) If I coach an off-season sports team do I need to arrange my own insurance?

Answer: YES – Anyone organizing and/or coaching an off-season program should have insurance to protect against potential personal liabilities that may occur as a result of acts of negligence.

3) As a player in off-season sports do I need insurance?

Answer: YES – All sports contain risk for injury. Even when the play is clean, accidents occur in all age divisions and in every level of competition.  You should ensure that the team you play on has proper, adequate insurance coverage.  When you play in tournaments you should also ensure the tournament operator has proper and adequate insurance in place.  Make sure you ask your coach as well as the tournament operator if they have insurance and ask for a copy of their insurance policy.

4) What type of insurance coverage should my team have?

Answer: There are TWO types of insurance coverage. Commercial General Liability insurance provides you with protection against bodily injury and property damage claims that you and members of your team are legally liable for.  Medical payments to offset against expenses that you may incur in the event that you are injured while playing hockey.  You should confirm your team has both types of coverage in place.

5) What amount of coverage is required?

Answer: ESG/NASHA carries a $5 million dollar coverage limit.

Tournament Operator Section

1) As a tournament operator, why do I need insurance coverage?

Answer: Tournament operators require Commercial General Liability insurance coverage to protect themselves against potential acts of negligence caused personally, or by their staff.  Please contact ESG/NASHA for a quote.

2) Do teams that enter my tournament require their own insurance?

Answer: YES – As a tournament operator you should ensure that EVERY team that enters your tournament has their own insurance policy and you should ask every team to provide an insurance certificate confirming their coverage ($5 million) prior to playing their first game

3) If a team doesn’t have insurance are they covered under my tournament policy?

Answer: NO – Your ESG/NASHA tournament policy covers you and your organization only. You MUST ensure that every team is a member of ESG/NASHA or that they provide you with a Certificate of Insurance that indicates their coverage limit ($5 million Commercial General Liability) and proper accident insurance coverage. We can provide coverage to teams in your event, or you could arrange to insure players in your tournament.




Program Highlights (Youth/Adult):

  1. $5 million general liability
  • On-ice accidental medical and dental coverage
  • Certificate of Insurance including the arena, municipality and sponsors as additional insured
  • Coverage extends to volunteers inclusive of timekeepers, coaches, trainers, etc. who are directly connected to the group
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Spring Teams Contact and Non-Contact Team Insurance (Coverage runs Jan 1st to Aug 31st*)

One of the many services and resources we offer as part of your membership includes keeping the team and your players safe with Hockey Insurance!

Our hockey insurance provides your team with the following benefits:

$5 Million Liability Insurance plus we have a Sports Accident Policy with Certificate of Insurance

Naming Additional Insured: Municipality and facilities included on the certificate of insurance.

On-ice accidental medical and dental coverage

*Year-round coverage also available, contact for details.

This policy is for Canadian coverage only for non-contact and contact teams, USA and overseas insurance packages available upon request.

Hockey School Program Highlights:

  • $5 million general liability
  • Members, participants, officials, coaches and volunteers as additional named insureds
  • On-ice accidental medical and dental coverage



Program Highlights:

  • $5 million general liability
  • Members, participants, officials, coaches and volunteers as additional named insureds
  • All teams in the tournament must have their own insurance coverage
  • Opportunity to receive on-ice accidental medical and dental coverage (ask for more detail)